Player Characters begin play as Mages who have lost all memory of who they are. Without conscious memory spell-casting ability is mostly inaccessible, but in moments of high stress instinct kicks in, the subconcious takes over and latent abilities are rediscovered.

In the initial story arc the players rediscovering their abilities and their identity through gameplay and improv.

At the start of play PCs may determine:

  • their gender;
  • their ethnicity; and
  • initial attributes (7 primary; 5 secondary; 3 tertiary; 1 float).

Everything else will be determined in game.

Player characters begin play not even knowing their own names. Instead, names will be determined in-game by
this random name generator based on gender and ethnicity.

After the first session, PCs may develop their character backgrounds further, which will represent the recovery of memories during downtime.

Mage 2018

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