In which the players conceive of their World of Darkness counterparts as of 2005.

Create your 2005 self as a character sheet.


Concept & Identity

Players will start by playing themselves… or at least, WoD versions of themselves who made slightly different, generally darker, choices. The story will start in 2005 when the players are awakened to magick, and establish themselves as a coven…. and then skip ahead to 2016 when the players have become more competent mages, and possibly diverged further from their counterparts in reality.


  • Place one dot in each Attribute.
  • Prioritize primary, secondary and tertiary Attribute categories (Physical, Social or Mental).
  • Assign dots to attribute: primary (7), secondary (5) and Tertiary (3) Attribute categories.


  • Prioritize primary, secondary and tertiary ability categories (Talents, Skills, Knowledges).
  • Assign dots to abilities: Primary (13), secondary (9) and Tertiary (5)
  • No ability above 3 dots at this stage.


  • 7 background points.
  • You may increase Abilities up to 4 dots with freebie points.
  • Purchase up to 3 merits and up to 3 flaws. (See: Merits and Flaws.)

Finishing Touches

  • Willpower 5
  • Arete 1
  • Paradox 0
  • 1 dot in one sphere; your affinity sphere.
  • 15 freebie points

Freebie Points

Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot
Arete 4 per dot (Max. Total: 3
Quintessence 1 per four dots
Merit cost as per Merit.
Flaw bonus as per Flaw (Max. Total: 7)



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